Shire Hall Welcomes Ray Wills


9th December 2021

Unfortunately this event that was scheduled for Saturday 29th January 2022 at 12-2pm at Shire Hall Dorchester has been pushed back until February/March 2022. Once we know more we will update you with the new confirmed dates.

Kushti Bok in partnership with DEED/Shire Hall will be welcoming Ray Wills (Kushti Bok member and The Dorset Gypsy Poet) to talk about the Poole Museum display, also his new book, The Last Stopping Place. Visitors will be able to browse the display, listen to some stories from Ray and another KB member Dan Turner from the well known local Romany family Turners/Hughes etc. Free refreshments will be available. Take the opportunity to come and talk to the only Traveller Led organization in Dorset. For further details info.kushtibok@gmail.com or use the contact form. All who are interested will be very welcome. 

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